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How to Make Your Penis Bigger Without Pills? Easy Methods to Enlarge Your Penis Size Naturally!

Are you wondering how to make your penis bigger without pills? They say that women are vain. Women have lots and lots of things which they use to stop aging. Whether these things are clothes, bags, shoes, or make-up- all of these are for the sake of beauty. A woman who feels beautiful is confident. How about for men? Would it surprise you if they feel less confident if they think that they are small down there? It is no surprise anymore for we know how great a man's size matters for his self-esteem. In connection to this, if a man is not contented with his size, he would then find ways to make his tool longer and bigger.

Nowadays, there are a number of easy ways on how to make your penis bigger without pills. Not only do they promise to lengthen and widen a man's penis but according to some people, they can also make you last longer in bed and would also enable you to maintain harder and longer erections.

How to make your penis bigger without pills? Some men choose a method of improving their size by considering their preferences like safety, comfort, and quality. They choose the best method for them using those things in mind.

With numerous options of increasing a man's penis size, you might find yourself confused about which will give you the easiest methods and the quickest ones. How much would it cost you or how safe it would be is also something to be thought of. To be honest, the easiest way to let your penis grow is to pop some penis enlargement pills which promise to give you 3 more inches and then get some sleep and wait for the growth of your penis.

It could be easy but male enlargement does not really happen that fast. It may take some time unlike how some promotions would say. How to make your penis bigger without pills? It would be helpful if you read and get to know the ingredients that are in those pills and try to ask professional help if they really work in due time. The safety of the pills is also very important. If you are aware that you have some drug allergies, it might not be a good idea to pop some of those pills that you just see on the net. It is not just the effectiveness of the pill that you are after. You would also want to enjoy the rest of your life without thinking about a trauma of your past due to your desire to enlarge your penis.

True that a man's penis can be enlarged but one must choose carefully what method to use. Another way of increasing the size of your penis is by using natural exercises for the penis. These exercises should be done regularly in order to have the results that you want. One very famous penis exercise is jelqing. This exercise for your penis involves movements like milking a cow. What you do is take your index finger and thumb and wrap it around the bottom of your penis. Slowly move your hand upward towards the head being sure to concentrate on pushing blood into the chambers of your penis. Once you reach the top, switch with your other hand and repeat 19 more times. This is done in order to increase the amount of blood that will flow through your penis, making it larger and even longer. This method promises results in two months.

Another exercise is called the length extender. Take your penis and stretch it out comfortably as far as you can and hold it there for 30 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds and do it again 5 more times. Do the same thing to your left and to your right, and you are done with this exercise.

Should you choose to increase the size if your penis, remember that there is no quick and easy way to just do it. Choose well and choose the right method of how to make your penis bigger without pills.

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Going Natural With Penis Enlargement Tips! Up to a 9" Size Penis Is Possible With These Free Tips

The human penis is totally different from one man to other. If aroused, all penises probably grow to its natural size however long or short it may be, but when not aroused at all, it can be a different story. The problem starts when we have a penis not large enough to pleasure our women in bed. And this can be a tough issue, because it can lead to so many other things. It can ruin our self-esteem and affect our lives and especially work, which can prove to be damaging. But we remain hopeful as we can always work around it with effective penis enlargement tips used and favored by so many today.

There are actually many methods that are encouraged by medical practitioners and are often part of effective penis enlargement tips. And among them, the good old exercise reigned supreme. The main reason for this probably is that doing exercise is purely natural, has no side effects or any risks involved. And it won't cost anyone anything.

When talking about penis enlargement tips, nothing comes close to the effectiveness and other benefits brought about by natural exercises. The normal objective of various exercises for the whole body is to regulate and improve blood circulation. These exercises work on the premise that the penis itself is a muscle; and just like the other muscles in the body particularly those attractive ones in our shoulders which needs exercising to grow and harden, so does our penis need to be exercised for it grow and harden.

Exercises regulate blood movement to our body, especially in our penis. If blood is flowing normally in this part, it will stimulate significant growth. One exercise you can always try is Jelqing. It works just like "milking." What you do is take your index finger and thumb and wrap it around the bottom of your penis. Slowly move your hand upward towards the head being sure to concentrate on pushing blood into the chambers of your penis. Once you reach the top, switch with your other hand and repeat 19 more times. This stimulates the spongy tissues in the penis to expand so it can hold more blood, thus enlarging the penis in the process.

Jelqing exercises, if done well and regularly, can do great wonders in the long run. For it to be truly effective, constant penis workout should be performed for less than thirty minutes a day.

Another feature of penis enlargement tips that might interest you is making it look larger by trimming your pubic hair. It may sound funny to you, but if coordinated with the natural exercise mentioned above, it could double the effects instead. Shaving the shaft carefully and repeating the procedure regularly can give your penis a larger appearance for days. Add the idea of losing body fat, and your penis size will surely be emphasized naturally. At least now you have something to occupy yourself and sweat it out.

Having a large penis, for some men, can mean everything. As men, we are primarily concerned with giving pleasure to our women, and not necessarily the other way around. Pleasuring our women in bed gives us a feeling of satisfaction, of accomplishment that we can really be proud of. Not being able to provide satisfaction to our women on the other hand, can really mess up things. It can affect our lives, our work, and our relationships with other people. And if we want to avoid it, we must get serious with these effective penis enlargement tips. If you think about it, you really have nothing to lose.

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Effective Strategies on How to Enlarge the Penis Naturally!

Things have really changed these days. Some may find it funny, but if we men talk about pleasuring our women, or giving it to someone we want to, everything then boils down to having a big penis. To have an enlarged penis whether in length or in girth is among the things that gets us men on our women's good side. Learning how to enlarge the penis naturally is the first thing that comes into our minds.

To help us with it are some tips and techniques that teaches us how to enlarge penis naturally, and get away with it successfully. To enlarge the penis means a good understanding of men's health in general. And what could be more be healthy than exercises. For sure we men will not have to worry about some risks or side effects that tag along like what we can expect from some other methods out there with their sophisticated-looking devices.

Everyone knows that to exercise is to give our bodies so many good things that do wonders for us, especially in the long run. One great thing that exercise can be of great help is how it can help maintain our blood pressure and better regulate blood circulation throughout the body, especially in the penis. Naturally, more blood movement in the penis means gradual expansion of those spongy tissues around it.

Aside from effective exercises, disciplining ourselves by staying away from alcohol also helps. This is one important thing to note when training ourselves on how to enlarge the penis naturally. Generally, moderate to excessive alcohol intake is among the causes of some of today's great killers, and that includes cancer and high blood pressure. And it also affects sexual performance badly, as body intoxication from alcohol significantly reduces men's erections.

Stop smoking. If you are dead serious about learning how to enlarge the penis naturally, you should think twice about smoking. It does not only wreak havoc to our health, it also messes up with how we perform in bed. Smoking directly destroys the blood vessels, thus affecting penis size.

It's important to steer ourselves away from those methods that can only do harm to our penis. To date, there are so many attractive methods on how to increase the penis size. Venturing into these dangerous waters is not really safe because of the side effects associated to it. And these will only affect penis performance in the long run.

The use of pumps of various designs is a good thing, but it will only mess up with the blood flow in the long term, and will only result to penis damage. Creams on the other hand may increase the blood flow to the penis as it can cause temperature change, but again it will only affect the penis erection in the long run. Pills and silicone injections only mounts to more dangers than benefits, and therefore not really advisable. Surgery is another way a few men has used to enlarge penis size. And most men steered clear away from surgery because of the price and the irreversible damages it has been known to cause. And the side effects of the surgery caused most men to end up with a deformed penis, impotence and not much of a sex life afterwards because they are at a high risk of infection.

Now that you already have an idea you can start putting your heart and will to it, and you will eventually succeed. Pleasuring our women is now very feasible thanks to these techniques. Learn how to enlarge penis naturally and it will do wonders for you.

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Increase Your Penis Size Fast

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Enlarge Penis Naturally! Why Natural Methods Are Way Safer Than Others?

Have you been wondering why there are a lot of internet and magazine ads showcasing products and services that enlarge penis naturally? Not a lot of men would admit it but quite a number of them are in need of something that would help them further develop in that area. After all, it is no secret that most women like men with bigger penises and women also say that they enjoy sex more if the penis is big and so every man strives to be that man that their woman wishes for So, are you among those that need help on that area?

Over the years, experts and medical specialists from far and wide have researched for ways and means on how to enlarge penis naturally. The problem with penile size has besieged men of all colors and sizes. They all want to sport a penis of incredible girth and length what can you do if you are born with a tiny cock? Some men would simply give up but for those who want a solution, there are quite a number of them available out there.

There have been a lot of methods tested by many men just to increase their penile sizes. Some decide to just give up after years of trying whilst there are others that walked away with successful results. Where does the difference lie? Those who failed are either too lazy to look for reliable programs and grab whatever come their way. The latter have taken the time to search for the best and tested methods to enlarge penis naturally.

The best methods of getting the penis bigger are not known to many. Other people have subjected themselves to routines and rituals such as taking of pills, mechanical devices and surgery. Aside from being costly and time consuming, these procedures and practices can be dangerous to the human body as well. Take the case of Penile Suspensory Ligament Division for Penile Augmentation. This is a method of penile lengthening where the suspensory ligament that attaches the part of the penis to the pubic bone is released via surgery.

Once the suspensory ligament is cut, part of the penile shaft is also released and extends out. This makes it possible for the penis to protrude by a few more centimeters forward and makes it longer than it was before. However, this is a procedure that involves a risk of possible loss in the ability to have proper penile erection. Would you want to risk that just to get a longer penis?

If this is the kind of trauma that made you to stay away from the possibility of solving your small penis dilemma, then worry no more. There are ways to enlarge penis naturally. You do not have to go under the knife, drink pills and or take any sort of medication; all you need are your two hands and a strong determination to have full erection.

Many successful programs, if followed to the letter, have already produced positive results. It may have taken them a while to see results but the point is that they got what they wanted through a safe way. All programs, especially the natural methods, will require some investment of time, such as an 8-week-program. This will give your body time to adjust and respond accordingly to the routines and exercises designed to enlarge penis naturally.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to wallow forever in your self-pity and low self-esteem? Don't you want a bigger penis and rock hard erection to be the man that your partner has been longing for? Act now and forever change how your penis measures up

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Natural Methods to Increase Penis Size - The Exact Same Techniques I Used to Get a 9" Sized Penis

Here are natural methods to increase penis size fast if you are completely unsatisfied with your size are silently hoping that you had a bigger penis. If only you could just do something about it. There's hope!

While others would bravely take penis pills and while rich men prefer cosmetic surgery, you may risk your health or your money with these methods which have questionable results and possible side effects. Well, there is no need to worry for there is a way which can help you become bigger and thicker without popping any pill and without undergoing an operation. With the use of your own two hands or by natural methods to increase penis size, you can achieve a longer and wider penis in a matter of weeks.

The effects may not be the same for all men but the point here is that you have to perform these penis exercises regularly in order to see the results. There are three known natural methods to increase penis size. These are: jelqing, stretching and Kegel exercises.

Jelqing is one of the oldest methods in improving penis size which was originally used by Arabians. This exercise involves motions of "milking" your penis. This is done to enhance the amount of blood that fills up your corpora covernosa, making the penis become bigger.

Stretching exercises for the penis aims to stretch your penis' tissues. This exercise is said to improve the length and the width of your penis. Kegel exercises are for the PBC muscle which is capable of delaying your erection, making you last longer on lovemaking.

These natural methods to increase penis size can be done using a schedule in order to see better improvement.A very significant thing to think about when trying a workout schedule is the sensation of your penis. If your penis feels painful and your hard-on quality is bad then down push until things become better. You will not see any improvements if your penis isn't in a healthy condition.

This is a schedule that you can use in order to get started. However, you must remember that if your penis does not feel ok, you must not exercise it. Also, do not forget to take correct measurements in order to see your improvements.

First week. Do your stretching for 5 minutes. Next, do your squeeze for 5 minutes and follow it up with jelqing for 10 minutes. You should remember to be gentle with your equipment to allow your penis tissue to adapt to the new trauma of the workout. Do the exercises every other day of the week.

Second week. Stretch for the first 5 minutes, squeeze for the next 5 minutes and do the jelq for 15 minutes. The pressure that you exert on these exercises must be a little harder. When you feel pain, you must be applying more than enough pressure. Do this every other day of the week.

Third week.Perform stretching for 10 minutes then squeeze for another 10 minutes. Lastly, do the jelq for 20 minutes. The pressure must be greater than before. However, you must not feel any pain while doing the exercises. If in case you see red dots appearing on your penis, lessen the pressure that you are using. The red dots are small burst capillaries which should go away and are signs that you must ease everything up. Again, do this every other day of the week.

Fourth week. Do the stretching exercises for 15 minutes then squeeze for 15 minutes. After that, do the jelq for 30 minutes. This must be the maximum pressure that you can apply. And don't forget to do your Kegels, too.

These natural methods to increase penis size should be done regularly in order to see results. Enjoy!

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How to Get Your Penis Bigger Naturally With the Most Effective Method

Every man would want to have a bigger and longer penis but the question is how to get your penis bigger naturally. There are a lot of TV commercials endorsing surgeries and pills. This might be very tempting to any man who is willing to do anything just to have a larger penis. However, what these endorsements do not tell you the possible and irreversible side effects that these methods can give.

Does this mean that for the average person, he has no hope of having a bigger penis? The good news is that there are natural ways to make your penis bigger. These exercises must be performed consistently in order to see differences. The penis exercises discussed here are geared towards a longer, wider penis as well as more intense erections.

The basis of exercises on how to get your penis bigger naturally is blood flow into the penis. During sexual arousal, the erectile tissues of the penis fill with blood which creates an erection. Forcing a lot of blood towards the erectile tissues can make your penis bigger even while it is flaccid.

Before starting the exercises, you should keep in mind that these should be done regularly. Some 20 minutes of your time, 4 to 5 times a week is all it takes to make your equipment bigger. Below are some of the natural ways on how to get your penis bigger naturally.

The first exercise is known as Kegel's exercises. This is truly a sex secret. It does not just help you with having a rock-hard erection; it also prevents prostate cancer and will allow you to be more flexible with your ejaculation. This is very important when trying to make your partner satisfied in bed because women tend to take longer to reach orgasm.

Kegel's exercises are simple to do and can be performed anywhere even while other people are around you! These exercises will strengthen your PC muscle which is found between your anus and scrotum. The best way to locate it is while you are peeing, try stopping that muscle. This is your PC muscle.

What you do is just squeeze and release your pc muscle. Start off slowly; making 30 contractions every day until you reach 200 squeezes a day. The 300 contractions can be broken down into different sessions in a day. If you are moving your stomach or your buttocks, you aren't working the right muscle. It is important to use the correct muscle to get the desired effects. Hold the muscle for 3 seconds before releasing it.

The next penis enlargement method is called as Length Extender. This is another one of the ways on how to get your penis bigger naturally. This workout aims to stretch your erectile tissue thereby extending your penis. This is done while sitting down on the edge of a chair although this could also be done while standing up. Ensure that your penis is flaccid and take a firm hold around the head of your penis using one hand and your second hand over it to guarantee a tight grip. Pull directly away from you with sufficient force to feel your penis stretch but not to the point of pain. Hold your penis there for 30 seconds. Repeat the process 10 times, increasing the pressure of the stretch each time. Take a rest, then slap your penis against your leg 10 times to allow more blood to flow to it.

These are the basic natural methods on how to get your penis bigger naturally. Of course it might take a few weeks until you see results, but it's a risk-free and effective way to get your penis bigger.

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The Truth About Penis Enlargement Exercise?

If somebody told you about a highly effective penis enlargement exercise that would produce very satisfying results; would you be willing to give it a try?

Males from all over dream of having bigger and longer penises because having an above average piece can really do wonders for a guy's self-esteem. If you were to go out hunting, would you prefer wielding a high-powered rifle or a little pistol?

There is a popular notion that the larger the penis one has, the more satisfaction his partner gets in sexual intercourse. There are also those who believe that size does not matter and place more importance in how the guy uses what he has to the fullest.

Women may not admit it because they value their relationships and do not want to hurt their partner's feelings but a lot of females actually yearn for a better overall sexual experience and that can be accomplished by males who have longer penises.

Penis enlargement exercise is not as popular as other proposed methods of increasing size because it does not promise instant results or miracles.

If you see how companies make a pitch to potential clients about their preposterous wonder medicines, you would probably break into laughter because of the nonsense. They claim that by taking their expensive tablets or pills regularly, you will be able to increase the length of your penis without actually having to do anything.

It is like saying you can get six-pack abs and humongous muscles without having to exert effort and work for it. Anybody with even just the slightest hint of common sense can figure out that there are no miracle pills which would produce significant results in a short span of time.

Everybody knows that at a certain point in a person's late teens or early 20's, the human body stops growing and settles in to what could possibly be its permanent frame for the rest of an individual's life.

However, the body still has room to grow and improve and that can be achieved through exercise. Through sheer willpower and effort in training, one can strengthen his frame and display enhanced physical abilities that he was not born with.

If it has already been proven that man can develop their bodies further through meticulous training then it would also be logical to believe that men can also boost the size and performance of their sexual organs through penis enlargement exercise.

Unlike the shams which are all over the media, you won't have to purchase any expensive supplements or training materials. All you need is the power of your two hands and the instructions on how to do the exercises properly.

Even if those "magic pills" or wonder cures really work, wouldn't it feel more satisfying if you achieve your goal of having a longer and more powerful penis by your own hands?

Penis enlargement exercise is real and if done correctly, you will be able to achieve an increase of several inches depending on your body's limit. Don't let the naysayers keep you from attaining your goal, keep your eyes on the prize and you will reap the benefits in no time.

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Enlarge Penis Naturally